10 Indicators of a Serious Relationship

Everyone desires being loved and accepted unconditionally. If you are in a relationship where you have them, you need to know if you are getting the right signals.

Deep down you know that you are ready to commit and turn this thing into marriage. Before you enter the fantasy land and a beautiful home complete with dogs, you need to know if the other person is in the same boat and he is ready to get married. 

Here are a few indicators that will help you confirm if your partner will commit and turn your relation into something serious.

  1. Your conversations now use “we” instead of “I”
  2. The other person is the centre point of life. All of your activities involve him.
  3. The happiness of your partner is your prime aim. You place it above your own.
  4. You have plans where you get old together and spend a lot of quality time together.
  5. You envision yourself to be parents and grandparents and how much you will enjoy it
  6. You are focused on long-term savings and you are seriously considering a future with the other person in it.
  7. You spend less time with your friends and more time with your partner.
  8. You are not interested in being single and talk a lot about settling down.
  9. You really want your families to be comfortable with each other and get along well.
  10. You are more focussed on future and your discussions reflect the same.

These points though, don’t confirm that the other person is thinking about getting married but these help you know his mindset.

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