10 Signs He’s Still Facebook Cheating and Texting Her

According to 81% of the US’s Divorce attorneys. The digital platforms provide a majority of evidence in current divorce cases.

Please don’t think cheating became more easy. It’s just that people have a new way to connect with other people, that’s all. It was undetected initially, but not anymore..

It’s likely that you have still not caught your husband in the act and you are just looking for a way to do so.

Or you can be a person in the Sherlock category and already caught your husband by driving 500 miles after noticing a lipstick stain or gift receipt. Or you caught him in a hotel room, red-handed.

So you are here because you are living with someone you know is cheating; or you are doubtful that he is back on the same path again. Either way, you need to confirm your doubts.

Here are 10 signs that you are married to a Digital Cheater.

 1. Unknown Friend Requests: You can’t seem to figure out why are you getting friend requests from people living far away from that you don’t know. There is a good chance that your husband’s new “Friend” does. Facebook is just doing its job connecting people.

2. The Dead Phone: His phone which used to ring all the time is silent suddenly. Did he broke it? Did people stopped calling him? Not really. He just wants to hide the fact that someone is texting him all day and night.

3. He loves to Jog Now: The person who used to hate exercising earlier is a fan of jogging suddenly and when he comes back, there ain’t no sign of sweating. He just wants to go out of the home where he can text/call his girlfriend in peace.

4. He is over his Posting Addiction: There are a few people who would post anything on Facebook. Be it the picture of their pet or what they had for brunch. But now that posting is stopped. It’s like he is over that habit… or he doesn’t want to post the pictures of him hugging his new girlfriend.

5. He is peeing a lot: You wonder why is he spending all the time in the bathroom. Is he okay? Did he changed his diet? Or did he found someone he wants to talk again and again which he can’t do in front of you.

6. Vanishing Pictures: We delete our pictures accidentally all the time. But you suddenly realised that all the pictures of you two together are vanished all of a sudden, that romantic dinner, that amazing vacation and all those beautiful pictures of you two are not on Facebook anymore.

7. Connection Problems: When you are together, he is not on Facebook but when you are away; he is on Facebook all the time. Before you think its connection problem… it’s not! It’s just your husband trying to fool you.

8. Where is the Laughter: Earlier he used to laugh at all your jokes. Everything you did made you smile. Now that laugh is gone. He is not interested in the things he used to love about you. Because he has found someone else who makes him happy.

9. Where is the Phone: Is your husband a magician now? Because whenever you enter the room, he makes his phone disappear. He has a new interest in digital security, and there are passwords everywhere in his phone. He has either joined secret service or he. Is cheating on you.

10. Sharp Memory:  Earlier he can’t remember your anniversary, and now he remembers 10 different passwords? Either he is eating memory pills, or he has become super sharp to hide his new girlfriend.



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