10 Signs of a Cheating Husband – Foolproof Ways to Determine his Infidelity

Sometimes you have a hunch that your husband is cheating on you. A part of you says that it’s not true, but the other refuses to agree. If you want to confirm if it’s true or not, you need to watch out for certain signs that can confirm your doubt.

  1. You discover a condom with him when you are using a different conception method, like a pill. When you confront him, he acts defensive and even starts fighting. He will go great lengths to prove that he had some other reasons, but deep down you know that he’s lying.
  2. They have developed a sudden obsession staying healthy and looking good. While it is good, but it’s completely out of the character. They might look into cosmetic surgeries even though you have assured them that this doesn’t matter to you anymore. These show that he is trying to look great, but not for you.
  3. He stated using different social media and email accounts you are not aware of. He might have used an extra cell phone and hiding it from you. If you discover these things, he uses some worthless excuse like he did’t remember to tell you.
  4. He has started worked overtime a lot. When you check his salary receipts, it remains the same. It keeps you wondering where are that overtime effort is going, specially when you see that he is the only one working overtime in his office.
  5. He is suddenly way too interested in laundry. He is carefully checking his pockets before giving anything for a wash. Even though earlier he barely cared.
  6. His scent is different in the early morning and evening, even though he is not carrying any with him to the work. One classic sign is to check his clothes for lipstick marks.
  7. A cheating husband might not like to have sex with you. It may be because of the guilt that he is feeling. Many psychological studies confirm the same. Some will desire you all the time but don’t be fooled, they might just be visualising someone else while they are with you.
  8. He is constantly found without the wedding ring and when you ask about it; he keeps coming with excuses that makes little sense.
  9. He told you he will work and when you ask his office; they tell you he had been on a vacation for a few days.
  10. The final sign to look out for are the marks on his neck, chest or other body parts when he goes for work or trip with his buddies. You know what those marks are and how he got them. There is no point in believing otherwise.

Regardless of what excuse he comes out with, nothing justifies his cheating.


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