10 Texting Ideas To Start A Conversation With A Guy

When you date a guy, it’s hard to constantly come up with ideas for texting. Additionally, you are nervous and don’t want to mess things up

Though speaking in person is always better to avoid confusion that might arise due to misinterpretation of a message. But most times, it  may not be possible.

If you are not sure what to text, we are here to help. Here are a few things you can talk with a guy on text.

  1. His Future Aspirations – This definitely doesn’t mean that you should discuss his marriage plans. You can talk about his plans about career or education. Does he want to move to another country? Is he cool if you date longer?
  2. His Friends – Its good to know about the people he hangouts with. Even though you will eventually meet them, but it’s good to have an idea about them. It says a lot about a person based on the company he keeps.
  3. His past life – He must have a past, Good or Bad. It can be a delightful experience talking about his past. How he grew up? What was his school like? How was his family?
  4. His Day – Oh yes! The age old question. Before you thinks that’s too obvious, please understand it shows that you are genuinely interested in his life. It can help you develop a deeper relationship with him.
  5. How he responds to arguments – it’s interesting to know how he responds to an argument. Is he an excellent listener and takes mature decisions after careful consideration or jumps straight into action
  6. Religious and Political affiliations – This is tricky, many people are not that comfortable about them. If you plan to date someone for a lengthy period, you need to have a good understanding of these. It is bound to come up eventually, so it’s better to know it before.
  7. Hobbies – It’s an age old conversation starter. It will amaze you to know how much you can know about someone based on their hobbies. You can have so many common hobbies and you can plan activities together and have a magnificent time
  8. Past Relationships – This is not the most enjoyable thing to talk about, but this is a superb way to explore his behaviour in a relationship. Recognising how and why his past relations ended provides you access into his hidden side.
  9. Fears – What is it that keeps him up at night. This can give you an idea of his priorities. Is it financial, social, family or career. What struggles he had to endure in the past.
  10. Travelling – Some of us like travelling, some don’t. It would be an excellent idea if you stay on the same page when it comes to travelling. Plus, it can very well be a precursor to an upcoming trip 

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