10 Things Cheaters will say When Confronted

Cheaters will say anything to hide their lies. The thing is that cheaters are not that hard to catch if you are willing to see certain things. It’s important to catch them otherwise they win. Every successful attempt they make, turn them braver, and they will repeat the same thing again.

Once caught they will try to make it sound righteous and logical to convince you that everything will be okay and this little incident changes nothing,

He may have feelings for you, but you need to get off this toxic relationship so you can be with someone who is loyal and respectful towards you.

These are the 10 things that cheaters will say when they are confronted

  • You have my word… I will change

If you have experienced the world, it’s clear they won’t change. The root of the problem remains untreated. They have already damaged you and a fake assurance will not change it

  • You were not there when I needed you

This is just a way to blame it on you. Cheaters don’t want to take responsibility for their actions and find elusive ways to get out of it.

You might be busy with your family and work, but that does not give him any right to behave in such a way. You need to ask yourself, would you have behaved the same in these circumstances? No! Because it’s not about the preferences of one person, it’s about both of you. If it was so severe, they could have at least discussed that with you.

  • It was only physical

I never understood this one. How can anyone be so naïve that they fall for this one? Their logic is that it doesn’t matter who they sleep with as long as they like you. It is also a grave insult to you as they are indirectly telling you that sex with you is no fun.

  • Hurting you was the last thing on my mind

Well, if they tried to hide it, then probably they did not want to hurt you. That does not mean they were not selfish. They did what they liked and when they liked. If they were so inclined towards not hurting you they should have thought before doing it

  • I was not strong enough

Oh yes, it was a moment of weakness. We all have those that does not mean we straightforward act on our impulses. Controlling yourself is one of the important parts of being an adult. They can’t blame their impulses for anything. Learn to accept your mistakes.

  • I didn’t want it but I was seduced

This is another way of blaming their mistakes on others. You need two hands to clap. Unless they wanted it, it’s not possible. Believe they are the victim here but, trust me they are most likely the one who started this. But you can be the one who ends it

  • I apologize

I am sure they are really sorry that they were caught! If they were not caught they would keep on doing it until they liked. Never fall for it. If they really meant it, they would never have done it.

  • Why do we have to be exclusive?

Okay first, this needs to happen before they went berserk!. You can’t come after cheating and reveal your new-found passion. You need a legitimacy for your cheating. You know what… you ain’t getting it

  • I have changed… I swear

They were caught cheating, and they found a whole new faith. Even a child can see it for what it is… complete crap!. They never respected you enough they can stop themselves from cheating. It’s not possible that suddenly they realize your importance. It may be flirting to think, but it is not true

  • They get me

When you are in relationships, it might get monotonous sometimes and you find someone who is so much fun. That is never an excuse to cheat. You have been with this person for some time, someone can’t just swoop in and destroy it in a matter of seconds. If it were true, you could have the basic decency of a conversation

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  1. It just happened
    It was bad nothing to write home about(ya my thought was you’d write home about cheating?bet mom would be proud of that one Not)
    It happened once (once my a$$)
    I could go on and on about all the excuses and denials i have been told.

  2. I couldn’t attend a concert he said he wanted to surprise me with; he grabs the first woman he could find and takes her!!! Then he drunk texted me that they were in a hotel room and banging each other’s a$$e$$!!! He said it was my fault cause I couldn’t meet him.
    Yeah he apologized, but it rang hollow.
    It hurts like hell

  3. I was cheated by my bf … but i m still with him giving him second chance …. she is his friend …. they started with freindship … then they met and after few days they met again … and they both had sex … anyhow i got to know about them… nd the fun fact tht she knews about me… that i m in a relationship with him … still things continued very well….. i dont know about the future …. i give him chance because i love him …. but if i talk about trust (its like a paper which he crushed or like a used eraser that will never get in the same position like before)

  4. My husband has had various affairs during our 11 year marriage. Every time I’ve tried to think he’ll change but I know he never will. Everyone thinks he is perfect and that I’m lucky to have him but they have no idea of the heart break he is causing. He thinks I’ll accept it because of our daughter but I can’t cope any more.

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