1. They are shy at first. Swedish men are quite shy at clubs and bars. It is usual for them to hang around, drink, and passively wait for a girl to approach them. Of course there are Swedish men who approach women, but don’t expect it to happen like American men. With that said, Swedish men do have an easier time in the US and abroad to approaching a girl first.

2. Drinks are needed. Swedish men need their beer or alcohol to talk to women. Alcohol for better and worse, dampens one’s defense barriers and shyness and facilitates talking to strangers. If a Swedish guy is really of interest to you, buy him a drink.

3. You may go dutch on a date. It is not uncommon for a date after you meet the Swede will be dutch. Don’t take it personal as it’s part of northern European culture.

4. They have a hard time communicating just like any other man. Some are better at being in touch in with emotions, others are just as clueless.

5. It’s common to have sex first and date after; the opposite of American dating. Swedes may have sex and have it mean nothing, or have sex and then start dating. When dating a Swede, be aware they may expect sex from the first date onwards. It’s their culture. If you’ve been propositioned and are uncomfortable, then speak to your date about your feelings towards.

6. Swedes are liberal. #5 proves the point. They can be forward once you get past the shyness factor.

7. Swedish guys can seem distant. Swedes enjoy quietness so having a conversion where there are quiet moments is not a bad things. It just means he is reflecting (upon anything) and you should be relaxed and enjoy the peace too.

8. They are stylish. They enjoy being dressed properly. You shouldn’t baby them on their appearance and hygiene.

9. You sometimes have to pull teeth. As the men tend to be distant and shy, if you have a question, ask it. He cannot read your mind, no one can, so keep the relationship open.

10. Swedes may live together. If at some point after several months of dating, he asks if you should move in together, don’t expect you’re getting married any day. Moving in together is being a domestic partner, sambo. It is a sign of a series step in the relationship but does not guarantee marriage. It is acceptable to have children before marriage too.

Swedish men are mysterious but like any man, you should have a relationship which is based on trust and honesty. Ask him questions, learn about his culture. If he angers you, it may not be because he wants to, it maybe because that’s that norm in Sweden.

Source by Megan S

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