10 things you can do to make him text you first

The dating game is complicated and frustrating. There are many decisions you have to make to get it right. You are constantly thinking about things like should you text first? What should you say etc. but what if I told you that there are ways to get him to text you first and possibly start other activities? Here are 10 ways by which you can get him to text you first

      1. Don’t text him first

You should be scarcely available for him. If you are not there all the time he will always think about you and that will force him to text you. Always remember if you are out of the conversation, it will keep him wanting more

      2.Give him the best moments of his life

If someone has a good time with you that person will love to hang out with you all the time. Have so much fun with them they miss you the moment you are away. Find the common things you love like hiking or rock concerts! No one said dating needs to boring. The more you laugh the more you will miss each other…

       3.Be Funny!

Well, we all love to laugh! Let random things remind him of you happily. He is walking on the street and sees a banner that reminded him of a joke you made and suddenly he has a strong urge to send you text reminding the laugh you had when you saw that banner. You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian, just let the humor emerge naturally

       4. Don’t be available all the time

Let him miss you. If you are texting him all the time, you will reduce your value. He will assume that you are there all the time and there is no urgency to text you. While you need not be mean and avoid him on purpose, in fact you should always respond in the best and most cheerful way you can. Just don’t be available 24/7 and that will make him miss you and text you

       5. Why should he text?

He should have a reason to text you and it’s up to you to give him one. Do you have great and meaningful conversations? Do you have fun talking to each other? Are you comfortable with him and vice versa? If he thinks he likes talking to you and can comfortably share a secret or two with you, he will love to talk to you

       6. Mingle with his friends

Assuming you already met his friends, try to get along with them. It’s common for guys to introduce their girlfriends to their friends to get their opinion about you. I would like to mention you don’t have to be something you are not. Don’t force yourself to get their approval. But if you are nice and funny, they will like you (in most cases!) and in that case they will be the one asking him to text you!

       7. Ask him to do it

It is possible he doesn’t even realize that he is not texting you first, and it is not appropriate. You need to tell him that as much as you love texting him, he also needs to start the conversations sometimes. You might have friends telling you it is a stupid idea, but believe me it works every time.

       8. Just ask him to text you later!

It’s a good idea to tell him to text you later when he is free. It gives him a timeline without sounding needy or desperate. One dirty trick is to say you need to ask him something later. This will keep him wondering the whole day thinking about what is it you wanted to ask. Though I don’t recommend it doing it all the time or he will he through it.

        9. Does he even like texting

He might like you but it is the texting he hates! You need to see if he is great in person and gives you a great time but he is not that much into texting

There are many people, both men and women who prefer an actual conversation over texting. Well it is not a bad thing, and if you ask me it’s nice that he wants to have a closer and more intimate interaction with you instead of texting

        10. He may not be into you

Okay here is the tough part, if you have already established all the above, that means he may not be into you. It’s difficult to accept that, but it’s not the end of the world either. There is no point beating a dead horse. If this the case then the best thing is to move on.


While it is great to have him text you first it is not crazy you text him first given you like him. Not everyone will see it desperate and needy, in fact a lot of guys will appreciate you taking the first initiative. If you think you have found what you are looking for and you have a great time,  don’t let something stupid stop you



  1. I’ve been dating a guy since February who says he loves me but will only text me. On the other hand I hate to text and he’s doesn’t like to be on the phone. So what does that mean???

    1. Did you met him on dating sites? Or have you meet him in person? Because lots of fake account on dating sites where they refused to talk on the phone nor video call, I had such experienced with some guys too, I didn’t want to wasting time with such fake guys, just blocked their phone.

    2. I have reunite with my ex whom we had a relation for 3 weeks ..he told me he love me but never txt me well even if i txt him some time he sees and reply not sometime he dont eve look at it even if he is online.sometime i doubt when in person i think that he like me but from phone he rarely keep a conversation.can sumone give me your veiw

    3. I have feelings for a guy we enjoy each other then argue stop seeing for six years he look back for me but cuz of i keep on texting him irritate him he have blocked my whatapp. I’m very hurt, are there any way to ask him to unblock my whatapp?

    1. Well I have a question. ??? I’ve been seeing a man for over a year yes we laugh n talk about everything n anything we enjoy our. Time together also text but never talk on the phone bc I chose not to bc of a hearing problem that he is very understanding. About. He has also met my kids s my family n they all love him but. My question is why hasn’t he introduced me to his I met his brother. And that’s it. He is not really close to his kids. I really don’t ask much. But the thing is it’s starting drive a Wedge between us.

  2. What about if both of you loved each other and then something along the line went wrong and you as the woman didn’t text or call because she’s was offended by the man although not really known at first to the man but later the man knew she was angry with him but still did not call how do you explain that

    1. Well in my humble opinion you don’t tell if you love someone or you don’t except when you both pass through rough times successfully, bec good times are loved by everyone , I hope i was clear, love ( for me) is care and if he cares , if he really loves you he won’t let you go, no matter what.

  3. I’ve dated a guy for 5 years we love each other and are always happy but I had to quit my job so I needed help to write my resignation letter and a college told me his nephew could be of help she gave me his number I texted him and he later send me the letter 2 months later he sent me a friend request on Facebook I accepted we becames friends and send me his number so I can WhatsApp him which I did we got along he proposed knowing very well that I v a BF I refused at the first time but later feel in love with him we did a lot of things together we fight and make amends he stays with his friend and he use to like me (that’s how I feel now ) but not anymore we had a fight and later this guy said someone is keeping him company and later said he’s been seeing this girl for the past 3 weeks I felt very bad so I told him it’s over he begged and ever since I’ve not been myself again help me get him out of my mind

    1. The worst thing you ca do is keep being available don’t be. Change the strategy, stop texting and calling, it’s hard but if he does not come back chasing him will only make him go away for good

    2. You just have to reduce the rate at which you text or call him.Don’t show him that you are head over heels for him,i know it can be hard but you can do it.make him miss you little ,its okay to form busy,hangout,go out with friends to see movies etc

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    If you want to communicate with the person you’re interested in more, just tell them you want to communicate more. “Hey, you don’t like texting, huh?”. Just start the conversation. If they think that’s “needy”, then let them walk away: they aren’t ready for a relationship, they just want the chase. Simple as, simple as.

    Have enough respect for yourself to let him know what you need out of the relationship and he will answer that level of respect.

  6. I am dating my boyfriend for about about a year and then we broke up and then we got back last July. Now he is stationed in South Korea I am going to visit him on the 26th of December till the 12th of January. Prior of buying my plane ticket I asked him if he can split the airline tickets with me. He bought my ticket and then this week he asked if I deposit his money I told him if that’s what he wants me to do I’ll do that but I thought since I am going to see him that I’ll just give him my half. Then he said what you mean half that he didn’t agreed to split it with me. And he went off that if he will do that that I will expecting him to pay half every time I come visit him. And he won’t answer my text or call if it’s not out designated time to talk. I don’t know what to do

  7. I have this guy we really had a good time for 5 months like happy couple but until he went back to US he confronted me that he was not happy anymore and after 1 month or 2 without any conversation we talked again. What does is mean? I really wanted to understand where we stand since were talking like its like how we used to be before

  8. I have been dating a guy for almost too months now but we only talk by texting he says he doesn’t like calls so I can’t call him but whenever I text him he responds after a while as if he didn’t see dem he seems like he has something better to do than talk to me .What should I do ?

  9. I really like this guy, everything went so well. We whatsup a full month even sent photos. All of a sudden I don’t hear 2 days from him. Then he whatsup me and said he is sorry he was busy. So the next day he said he is on his way to meet me. I was so excited. He came, I was so siffery and smiling, totally not myself. I had the connection. He had to leave after 2 hours. We did kiss also. I heard from him the next day, but now for 2 days again nothing. No text nothing. Why?

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