4 Signs That Your Long Distance Boyfriend Is Cheating

Looking for signs that your long distance boyfriend is cheating?

Beware of heading down this path.

Trust is the basis of all healthy relationships, it is the essential foundation of long distance relationships. If you can't trust your partner implicitly you will be miserable in a long distance affair, constantly plagued by doubts about your lover's faithfulness.

Long distance relationship are always difficult. While technology does help reduce distances to some degree, an image on a screen can hardly be loved as well as the girl in the next dorm. So while trust is vital, if you're dating Casanova, persistent repetition of these four signs could spell trouble for you.

Your Boyfriend Is Frequently Unreachable

You've been trying to reach him but his phone is unreachable and he hasn't called or messaged you for a day or two. When he finally calls you, he has no valid excuse (or too bizarre an excuse). Fact is, his new friend circle may take him places he never ventured into before. Remember, he may be telling the truth about going camping or fishing so just ask him to send you a few pictures from his trip to put your fears to rest.

Your Chats Have Changed Since He Moved Away

Beware of alterations in the quality of daily phone calls. Anything contrary to his usual habits like an increase or decrease in intensity, intimacy or details during chats show he's troubled. This deviation in your boyfriend's usual behavior means he's trying to compensate for some change. Either he's just awestruck by his new location, job or classes and trying to settle in or he really is cheating on you.

Your Far-Away Boyfriend Forgets To Call These Days

When the quantitative patterns of his calls change, be wary. If the frequency and length of your long distance boyfriend calls change, he's up to something new. He may have taken up an extra class or activity that's keeping him busy and away from his phone. Or he may have another girlfriend in the background. Question your man carefully but don't hang him without a trial.

Your Boyfriend Won't Do Video Chat

Many long distance relationships work better thanks to video chat. When you're living in different countries, video chat is the most intimate means to communicate. Unless you're sure he has a technical problem, be worried if your boyfriend begins to avoid turning that PC cam on. It means there's something or someone in the room he doesn't want you to see.

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