46 Clues Your Partner is Having an Affair

To tell if your partner is cheating or not, you need to listen to your gut. Do you feel any change in his behaviour?.

These signs can help you confirm your doubt.


1) There are condoms in his wallet, even though you never use them.

2) The behaviour of your friends suddenly changed towards you. He is bad-mouthing you or they know!

3) He stops telling you think and there is barely any confidence between you.

4) He is using secret emails that you are not aware of. 

5) His perfume is different in morning and evening.

6) He is suddenly way too much interested in fitness.

7) He has a secret cellphone that you are not aware of.

8) The new phone is billed at a different address.

9) He is not interested in having sex with you.

10) He is constantly clearing his call records.

11) He suddenly has a clean inbox which was cluttered earlier.

12) He accuses you instead, when you confront him.

13) Has a sudden interest in topics like is it possible to love multiple people?

14) He is upgrading his underwear collection.

15) He is throwing the kids stuff out of the car.

16) The cheating husband is not wearing the wedding ring again and again.

17) He has been interested in laundry.

18) He has marks on his body that look like love bites and scratch marks.

19) Suddenly he is experimental in bed.

20) The sexual chemistry declines.

21) Or the opposite, he is so much more into sex.

22) He working a lot of overtimes but there is no extra pay.

23) Starts fights to get out of the house.

24) He has vacation day leave from his office when you are unware of such holidays.

25) His music preferences are shifted.

26) His friends are not comfortable when you are around. 

27) He is suddenly obsessed with his appearance.

28) He is on computer all the time, after you sleep.

29) He is throwing up again and again because of overeating at two places.

30) He is taking more than usual work trips.

31) He smells different from the perfume he owns.

32) The saving in his account is declining. 

33) There are intimate gifts with him you have no knowledge of.

34) He is touchy feely all of a sudden.

35) There are calls where caller drops the calls hearing your voice.

36) His interest is lost in household stuff.

37) Your gut is screaming that something is wrong. 

38) There is a noticeable behavior shift in him.

39) He is talking slowly on the phone or keeps hanging the calls.

40) There is a glow in him.

41) He is developing strange new habits.

42) He is sneaking out like teenagers.

43) He sleeps with his wallet.

44) His grocery shopping takes way longer now.

45) He gives you appointments, when to call him.

46) And the final sign…You are reading this article.


  1. I stop wearing my wedding ring cause I was starting to hate him. I stopped having sex with him cause he said that was the most important thing in a marriage. That’s all he cared about. I told him I wasn’t a cow he did not buy me. Respect trust, caring and being kind is not important. I asked twice to go to marriage counseling but he wouldn’t. Would not do anything w me or go anywhere. I felt like I was dying inside. I said to him when we were married about six years that I could spend all our money do anything I want as long as I give him sex even have an affair. All he said is , try it see where that will get you. We were married for 39 years then I said good bye. I am a family person so having my girls shared between us is killing me. I want to try again for my family but no sex. I have endometriosis so it hurts. at our age 64 and 65 sex is not most important. growing old together, respect, kindness having fun is what I want. This makes me very sad. He file papers I wouldn’t have done that. He told our daughter that he didn’t think I would go through with it.

    1. I also took off my wedding ring when I found out about his cheating. He was very proud of himself for a younger woman wanting him. It hurt very much and I didn’t want him anymore. DONE after 30 years together.

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