7 Compliments Men Love To Hear From You

When we talk about relationships, we often miss out on an important factor. Like women, men also love to hear compliments, sometimes even more than women. Women who are aware of this usually have a long lasting happy relation with the man of their choosing

Lets do an exercise. Think of 10 songs that were written to praise women…Pretty easy, right? Now try to do the same for men…You would be lucky if you can even come up with 5.

Men don’t say it often, but men love hearing compliments. In fact, it can also help ease the insecurities they have in their relationships.

So lets talk about a few compliments men love hearing

1. Appreciate his efforts

Everyone loves when you appreciate them for their efforts. Men really love it when you compliment them on their effort. It can be something as simple as cooking food or repairing the sink.

This may not seem like a lot but trust me, it makes an enormous difference

Compliments men love to hear
Compliments men love to hear

2. Compliment his Appearance

Men don’t get body shamed as often as women in our society but that doesn’t mean that they dont feel insecure about their appearance

You will be surprised to know how many men worry about their appearance, they just don’t like to show it.

Compliments men love to hear
Compliments men love to hear

It’s really important for a man to know that his partner finds him attractive no matter what. You are happy with the way he looks. It would be really nice if you compliment him on his hairstyle, physique, etc

3. Let Him know that you respect him

Men treat love a little differently than women, In fact many studies show that men treat respect as love. It is more important for a man to feel respected than loved.

You need to compliment him on his pleasant qualities and habits. Show him you respect his honesty, the way he treats you, his strengths, his caring attitude towards his family and friends.

4. You have complete faith in him

He might not tell you about the struggle he is going through, the pressure that he is facing. You already know it and appreciate it, but it’s fantastic if you can tell him that verbally. It will mean a lot for him if you can just come out and show your trust in his abilities 

Compliments men love to hear
Compliments men love to hear

5. Compliment his sense of humour

He loves to make you laugh and makes a lot of effort to put a smile on your face. So it’s really great if you can let your lover know that he is hilarious. He will love it if you admire his effort.

Compliments men love to hear
Compliments men love to hear

6. Compliment his listening skills

It’s a blessing if you have someone who listens to you and takes a keen interest in your life. It shows that he is really trying to connect with you and wants to be a more engaged part of your life. It’s a brilliant idea to let him know that you have noticed it and liked this side of him.

7. You are affected by him

Imagine that you saw your favourite celebrity in front of your eyes, think about how you felt. Your man would love to know that you feel the same way when you are with him 




Every guy will respond differently to these compliments. He will love them, and these can bring you closer than before

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