Are You Having an Emotional Affair? 10 Warning Signs to Watch Out For!

A marriage is at a great risk if either you or your significant other is having an emotional affair.

The term emotional affair is unknown to most people. It’s a normal belief that if you are not having sex, it is not an affair. But, if you emotionally depend on someone else and that person is giving you the emotional comfort that your husband can’t give you, that makes up as an emotional affair.

Most people without continue this with no feeling of guilt. They will not accept that they are doing anything wrong. They keep putting the same defence that since there is no sex, what seems to be the problem.

Emotional affair still counts as an affair and regardless of how much you deny it, it can still ruin your marriage.

So how do you know that you are having an emotional affair? Well, here is a simple quiz to find it out.

  1. Are your meetings and talks secret from your spouse?
  2. Does this secrecy excites you?
  3. Do you eagerly wait to meet or talk to this person?
  4. Do you enjoy the time you spent with this person more than the time you spent with your spouse?
  5. Do you take your time dressing up to meet this person?
  6. Is your behaviour different with that person and your husband?
  7. Do you share secrets with this person you don’t share with your partner?
  8. Do you derive emotional pleasure when you are with your friend?
  9. Do you feel scared that your partner will find out about you two?
  10. Do you feel a sexual tension between you and your friend?

Most people are not seeking an affair when they indulge in the friendship, however it’s easy to get involved in one when you spend all your time with one person. Digital world makes it super easy to connect with people with whom you share common interests. These common interests can instantly intensify your bond, specially when these interests are not present in your partner..

The main criteria is depending on another person to feel good emotionally and you keep it a secret. There is nothing wrong in having a good friendship, but as your dependency on the other person grows, you are at a risk of developing an affair.

The path to recovery.

The best way of avoiding an affair is to be aware. You should be cautious of flirting, by you or by him. If you truly believe that your friendship is not an affair, invite your friend to spend time with your spouse at social gatherings. Being in that scenario can protect you from having an emotional affair and reduce the tension.

You are vulnerable when you feel that your partner does not love you. At that point, you seek those feelings elsewhere.

You need to talk to your partner about your feelings. Tell him exactly what you feel. If you don’t feel comfortable,  you need to be in a professional setting.

If you are sure that you are having an emotional affair, think what is it you are getting from this person and now search how can you get this in your own marriage. When you do that, you can end your friendship and concentrate on your marriage. 

You need to be open with your partner about your affair. This will put you on the correct path to getting your relation back. You can seek the help from a professional, if you believe that the level of trust between you two has declined because of recent incidences.

You need to accept what you did and take responsibility. That way you can get your life back in no time.



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