Body Language – Reading the Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend

Most victims of infidelity are in the dark until it’s too late. Only to be faced with picking up the pieces of their life and healing a broken heart. Ironically, Roaming Lovers when confronted with solid evidence will strongly deny it. Some relationships never find closure from infidelity as a result. However there are several indicators of cheating which cannot be concealed, body language is one. While our mind is quick to conceal extra affairs, our body is slow to follow. Most innocent victims can find confirmation by reading their lover’s body demeanor. Here are some subtle clues to catching a cheater.

It’s important before I began, to have a pulse on your partner’s natural demeanor and body position as all individuals will response different.

Body Language of the Accused.

Cheaters will rehearse their alibis over and over, when confronted will over-convey their innocence, often will switching their vocal pitch from fast to slow. Eye reaction is also a clue. A liar is well rehearsed and will lack natural response. An innocent party will be startled by the accusation, causing their retina to enlarge. This is a natural sign of adrenaline.

Body language of Intimacy.

When a cheating boyfriend is adrift, lack of intimacy is the first indicator. While men are not acute to affection, lack of intimate interaction is an obvious signal of cheating. Beware of lack of eye contact and physical touch too, which are often the prelude to cheating.

While body language is a good indicator, the best way to be sure of your mates extra activities is through good ole fashion snooping.

Source by Krissy Ackerman

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