Cheating Before Marriage – Why Do People Do It?

Have you ever had friends who gushed and blushed about cheating on their prospective spouses before actually tying the knot? Have you yourself considered one last fling before saying “I Do” to your husband-to-be? Why do people do it and what satisfaction do they get from it? The human psychology proposes many challenges especially in the field of relationship and commitment. But one thing is for sure, people’s actions are always motivated by something. You don’t go kissing some random guy in your wedding dress just because the clock struck twelve midnight. You feel an urge, you feel a sense of curiosity, you feel peer pressure—there are many reasons as to why you would consider cheating before marriage. Here are just some of the few reasons why other people do it, and what these things imply or result into after the vows have been said.


A lot of people do things to satisfy curiosity. Men and women alike attest to that “thrill” — that overwhelming power to do something naughty before the commit themselves to a lifetime partnership and a promise of good behavior and monogamy. This thrill pushes people into doing what is generally considered unacceptable: cheating before marriage. They are curious as to what it feels like. Is it as exciting as what other people say? To some, it’s an intense adventure that they’re bound to remember throughout their lifetime. To others, it is a huge moment of regret—a massive lack of foresight that leads to what could be a lifetime of remorse as it will inevitably affect the marriage. So before you try that little clandestine affair, do not forget the age-old saying “curiosity killed the cat.”

The “Last” Notion

A lot of women believe in the idea of getting married only ONCE—hence the lavish, expensive ceremonies and once-in-a-lifetime wedding details. And consequently, they do have this notion that their husband is going to be the last guy they’re going to be with. So, the quest begins: to have one more last fling before succumbing to lifetime commitment to being with one person and one person only. This is where cheating before marriage happens. A woman sleeps with one guy before she finally decides that she will sleep with only one guy from the moment she says her vows until death do they part. A classic fairytale, that’s what it is. In reality, cheating before marriage doesn’t necessarily equate to lifetime monogamy afterwards. In most cases, cheating reinforces that desire to have an extra-marital affair and leads to the sad reality of cheating during the marriage as well.

Human Nature

Sadly, cheating has been attributed as part of human nature already. Men are believed to be instinctually polygamous. Women are not excluded from this social label. Women who end up cheating before marriage are said to have listened to their primal desires, their human nature. As science continues to present trivia and interesting facts as to how penguins and whales are monogamous: the human being seems to be out of that list. Cheating is just part of human nature in this day and age. And whether it is done before marriage or during, oftentimes it makes no difference anymore. Cheating before marriage is, unfortunately, quickly becoming something that is almost considered normal in most social groups. And whatever reasons an individual may have, it still boils down to the point that it’s an ugly, complicated mess for the newlyweds because right before saying they do… they did someone else.

Source by Tina L. Jones

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