Daddy Issues – 15 Signs That You Have Daddy Issues

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard the phrase “daddy issues”. It is common in movies and tv series.

Almost all women hate it and most guys are into it (I know it’s bad)

So what exactly is Daddy Issues. Let’s break it down.

Daddy: The ideal male figure for any child. In most cases it is the biological father, but that’s unnecessary

Issues: Multiple problems

So if you combine these two, the result is the problems that a child has with his/her father. Simple, right? Well, not exactly. It is a lot deeper than this. To put it mildly, these issues affect the future relationships (Romantic) that a woman develops based on her issues with her father.

There can be many ways for daddy issues to emerge. It’s a subconscious thing. Many women often don’t even realise that they have them. It often requires a psychologist to uncover them.

Some common problems that emerge with it are

  1. Consistently dating men who are older than her (looking for a father figure without even realising it)
  2. Severe trust issues (These arise when the father was not trustworthy
  3. Promiscuous behaviour (Subconsciously mimicking the father’s behaviour)
  4. Inclination towards the same sex (Hatred towards men because of her father)

These issues are not necessarily linked to the father. They can very well be part of an individual by nature. 

Women with father issues constantly suffer from the poor relations. The main reason being the lack of trust. They are always under the impression that there cannot be any amiable guys. The guy is always hiding something. Even though that’s not true but they constantly wait for the bomb to drop.

Here are the 15 signs that might prove that you have daddy issues

  1. Emotional unavailability – Just because your father hurt you, you can’t trust anyone completely. You are always afraid that the other person will hurt you. The person you love can hurt you so you put a wall between him and yourself.
  2. Emotional relationships are not as important as sexual ones– you prefer relationships that are strictly sexual. This keeps things simple as the opportunity to get hurt is minimal.
  3. You are inclined towards older men – you are constantly looking for an ideal male figure that your father couldn’t be. It doesn’t sound good, but subconsciously you search that in your relationships. Older doesn’t mean 10-20 years older, he can very well be 2-3 years older.
  4. Lower Self Esteem – Your father was not respectful towards you and that resulted in you developing an inferiority complex.
  5. NO boundaries – You let other people control you. You have been controlled by your father so you develop this habit of letting people walk all over you, be it women or men. You need to realise that you have the power to say no.
  6. Trust Issues – As we discussed before, you cannot trust your partner the same way you couldn’t trust your father. You imprinted on your adolescent mind that you can’t trust people.
  7. Recurrent Jealousy – You can’t bear to see your partner with anyone. You are always worried that you are not good enough for him and he will leave you for someone better.
  8. You Pick Emotionally Unavailable Men – You seek men that are not emotionally available like your father. Strangely, who seek what you hated the most. You want people who cannot be emotionally available like you.
  9. Abandonment Issues – You are constantly anxious that your partner will leave you and won’t come back. Every time he leaves, the voice in your head says, he is not coming back. Just because your father was not there, you think no one will.
  10. You Seek reassurance – You need a constant reminder from your partner that he will be there for you. You are regularly asking questions like do you still love me? Am I clingy? Do you like spending time with me?
  11. You are looking for fairytales – Since you never got the fairytale childhood you wanted; you want that in your relationships. These fairytales are not common in actual life so you are always disappointed
  12. Clingy Behaviour – This is where the abandonment issues come to play. You can easily get attached to men who seem even a little interesting. There is a constant attempt by you to keep them in your life, even if they don’t want to.
  13. Pushing men away – this is opposite to clingy behaviour. You don’t want anyone to stay in your life as it  only leads to betrayal
  14. Need of attention From the opposite sex – Even when you are in a relationship, you constantly need other men to be interested in you
  15. You like pleasing people – You were unsuccessful in pleasing your father, so you constantly want to please  other people to fulfil that desire

One thing common in all these issues is that women with great potential were not given proper treatment by their fathers when they were young. If you think you are also one of them, you can consult a qualified professional

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