10 Dating Red Flags which can be disastrous

Dating someone can we very exciting and it’s easy to get lost in the excitement. A lot of time you are so lost that you completely ignore the red flags that can cause a disastrous relationship that can leave you broken and damaged. If you notice these red flags right in the beginning of a relationship, you can save yourself from one lot of suffering.

1.He keeps you a secret

In a regular relationship the other person will introduce to his friends, family, and colleagues; but if the other person is not introducing you to any of his office friends or family, know that he doesn’t want you to stay in his life for a long time. If you confront them, he will probably come up with an excuse like is not ready, he needs more time or maybe his family will not accept you for something he made up. This may be acceptable when your relationship is new and you treading the waters. But after a few months, your friends and family should know your dating life to ensure a healthy and safe relationship.

2.He is not good financially


While money should never be a determining factor, whether you date someone, but it is equally important that the other person is not a financial mess. Expecting expensive jewelry clothes and gifts is not what I meant by being financially successful, what I meant is that the person should be able to take care of himself and you during the dating.

3.You are putting all the effort


When you are in a bad relationship, you find that you are the one putting all the effort. You are consistently trying to make him happy. You are planning the tips, dinners, outings, social gatherings; but he is rarely interested in that. In such a relationship you will soon exhaust yourself and end up broken.

4.No room for commitment


You find that everything is going perfectly. You had great dates; the chemistry is amazing, compatibility is high and everything makes sense. You have met his friends, family, and colleagues, they really like you and you really hit it off. But as you get serious towards them he asked for space, you happily and willingly give it to him, but you suddenly realize that he is not in for a long haul and commitment is not in his dictionary.

5.Only off hours interaction


If he meets and interacts with you only during night hours that is a clear signal he only wants you for sex. For some people, it may the desired arrangement, but you might feel used if you are serious about him and looking for a relationship. If that is your goal then you must be plain and straightforward from the very first day.

6.a lot of lying


All relationships are built on trust, and if you want to feel comfortable with someone you should be able to trust them with everything. This arrangement falls apart when you’re catching the other person lying repeatedly. If you see the other person lying, you wonder what else is he lying about, and this creates an atmosphere of doubt and deceit. It doesn’t matter how good looking the other person is if he is not honest with you the relationship can never work.

7. Bad-mouthing their ex


Surely they might have a terrible relationship earlier and they want to express their anger and frustration, it is OK to do that occasionally, but if the other person keeps bad-mouthing their ex in front of you, that is a clear Red flag and depicts the low level of dignity and lack of respect of privacy for the other person. Why it is possible that his ex was wrong, but it doesn’t give him the right to keep bad-mouthing the other person for the rest of his life. Such situations make you wonder if he will do the same when and if things end between you.

8. No future plans


All of your plans with him are made on last minute. He always keeps you on a tight watch and forces you to plan according to his needs. His plans with you and never scheduled in advance and are always last minute, but his plans with his friends and family are decided  way in advance. That is a clear Red flag that shows, you are his last priority. Do you really want to be in a relationship where you are not valued at all? If you are putting all your effort in time into something you deserve to be valued and he should understand that.

9. Endless games


When I say games I am not talking about the fun and exciting ones you probably play in your bedroom, I am talking in the stupid mind games that put you through intense stress. He might make plans and keep canceling them, keeps you waiting, just to make himself feel wanted. Relationship with such people is never productive in a long run. The longest relationships are the ones in which everything about you and him is plain and simple like an open book.

10.No interest in what you like


It is fun to have different interests so you can learn from each other and expand your Horizons. But sometimes you are in a relationship when the other person constantly imposes his own interests on you. He believes that your interest to be inferior to his. In such situations, many people just tried to discard their own interests and adopt the other’s interests, which is a wrong thing. You must know that you are an independent person, and your interest and likes are as important as his own. You deserve all the respect and your interests do the same.


No one is perfect, and it is highly possible that a relationship might have one or two of these red flags and still go a long way if the person is willing to come halfway. But if you see a lot of red flags and the other person is stubborn to his beliefs, then you should get out of this relationship because you are on the path to destruction.

Always remember that you are special and you deserve nothing but the best



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