Does your husband having a female friend put your marriage in jeopardy? Have you ever been jealous of your husbands’ relationship or a little uneasy if he has a female friend? You are not alone and you should be cautious of the relationship especially if a female leads it. While on the surface there is nothing inheriting wrong with your husband having a female friend but it’s what lies underneath of their relationship that can lead to problems.

Let’s face it men and women are completely different and truthfully men for the most part do not share that much in common with women out of their family. This fact is the same or perhaps even more apparent for women. So the idea of your husband having a female friend is something to be questioned. Even the most loyal husband has impure thoughts from time to time and if you are having an argument and this female friend is one in which he confides information to this can potentially be a time bomb waiting to explode.

Am I saying all men who have female friends are prone to cheat in some very rare cases no but if enough time is spent between your husband and his friend the odds are 9 out of 10 times an affair can occur. You should always be on lookout even if you do not find your husband’s female friend attractive and he states he has no interest in her. This may very well be the case for him but you never know she may hold hidden feelings for him or start to develop a case of attraction especially if she is single.

I have a good friend who was married and like many married couples they were going through a rough part in their marriage nothing too serious but problems none the less, well his wife’s friend who recently got a divorce started to hang out with my friend because they shared a liking to the same music. The red flag went off in my mind and I informed him to be careful he is getting in dangerous territory.

He thought I was over reacting since this was his wife’s friend. In fact hanging out and the relationship was initiated by her innocently at first. When she was married and they hung out as couples they would laugh about how they liked the same music and their spouses didn’t. They always talked about getting together and leaving their spouses behind to see their favorite band as a running joke between the two of them.

Source by Robert Baily Perez

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