How to Recognize and Cope with an Emotional Affair

Most people don’t take emotional affairs seriously, but they can be more dangerous than physical affairs. Even that most loyal people can get engulfed in an emotional affair..

Couples usually dodge the question of an emotional affair with replies like it’s not dangerous or the classic one “we are just friends”. It’s already too late when they realise that the damage it had done to their relationship is permanent. 

Top couple councillors reveal that couples who are most prone to an emotional affair are the ones are in a relationship devoid of emotional virtues. 

The marriage might be in a state of utter chaos and conflict, and couples might find comfort in the emotional connection where they can feel safe.

Make no mistake that there is a strong sexual energy hidden deep inside the friendship. This keeps intensifying with a deeper connection and sharing secrets.

It can have an innocent start, like simple work, relation, or friendship in common interests. Then it gets intense to a point where they share their personal details, feelings and incidents that their partners might consider cheating. And that is where it all begins.

The next red flag is when they hide it from their spouses. They know that that if their spouses realized the frequency and intensity of their conversation, they will definitely be upset.

Realising that your spouse is engaged in an emotional affair can be the ultimate betrayal to you. Some might even consider it worse than a physical affair.

The partner will often get offended when you talk about it. He will argue that since there was nothing physical, so nothing wrong has happened. He might even call you jealous, conventional and controlling.

An emotional affair can speed up the collapse of a marriage. The time that could be well spent in solving the marital issues Is now spent with the new “Friend”. This takes out all the energy from your relation and channels into something worthless and damaging.

The ironic thing is that if these people end up getting married after divorcing their spouses, there is a very strong possibility that these patterns might end up repeating.

So what is the solution? Here are a few tips that can help you save your relationship.

1. First you need to put all your energy into your marriage. You need to test the reasons this is happening and come up with a solution and how you can accomplish it.

Reduce the time on other activities, and put your full focus on improving your relationship..

2.You must consider marriage counselling. It provides you with a professional environment to discuss all your fears and emotional issues. You need to open up and discuss all your issues to improve. If you plan to skimp, and try to get over it, there is no point in it.

3.You need to make a commitment that both of you will end the secrecy and reveal the details about your friends and how often you talk to them. There are chances that your spouse might not have lied and just forgot to mention about it.

4. The same friendship cannot continue between “Friends”. It is difficult but doable. It can be a little troublesome in co-working colleagues.Even. It does not require though changing the jobs but there is a break period that they need to take to restore their marriage. 


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