If You Want To Catch Someone Cheating Send Them Flowers

How to catch someone who is cheating on you with flowers.

There are a variety of methods out there for catching people of infidelity. The problem with most of these ideas is they are effective at increasing suspicion and not so effective at providing actual proof. This is one of those ideas of how to catch infidelity which is as good as solid proof and the great thing is the cheater will never know that he has been caught.

Here’s the way it goes. Find two different florists. Let’s assume in this case it is your girlfriend or wife you think is cheating on you. Have one florist sent her an arrangement of flowers and make it obvious that it came from you. Of course you would do this by attaching a note that says love, your husband or something to that effect. Have the florist send them to your girlfriend or wife. Have the second florist also send her an arrangement of flowers but have the arrangement be totally different from the first arrangement. The idea is to make the second arrangement look like it came from somebody else. On this second arrangement of flowers do not have any indicators as to who it is from, no cards or notes.

Make sure that your wife or girlfriend gets both arrangements of flowers before you come home or before the next time you go see her if it is your girlfriend. The idea here is the next time you see your wife or girlfriend they are obviously going to be surprised and delighted (or at least act delighted) about the first arrangement you sent her with the card indicating they were from you. If however there is no indication of the second arrangement of flowers and she makes no mention of it then you know she is cheating on you. If she wasn’t cheating on you her natural reaction or behavior would be to have both sets of the flowers out, happy and delighted that you sent not one arrangement of flowers but two!

The genius and almost humorous angle of this approach to catching cheating is the person will think they got one over on you when it is really the other way around. Of course chances are later on, maybe a couple days later, the next time she sees her secret lover she will find out that he did not send her the second arrangement of flowers and she will probably know what really went on. At that point you could probably expect some sort of excuse or explanation from her at which point you’ll not only know she has cheated in the past but she has just talked with or seen her secret lover as well.

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