Man Is Cheating – Signs That Say He’s a Cheater

A secret can never be kept hidden for a long time. If your man is cheating you will definitely find out about it, but wouldn’t it be better if you can tell if he really is? Do you want to wait until the situation gets worse before you finally realize that your man is cheating on you? Here are signs the he has become a cheater. He spends lesser time with you lately.

He will have many excuses for not spending time with you as he used to. He would give you reasons like he needs to attend a business lunch meeting or even tell you that he needs to go out of town for a seminar that the company is holding.

He’s no longer as sweet as he used to

If your man no longer does the things that he used to do for you. He no longer takes you out on a date or he no longer calls you during his free time. It could be anything. The point is that he no longer does those sweet things for you. Your man is cheating if he doesn’t want to cuddle, watch a movie, hold hands or even have sex.

He changes the way he dress. Your man is cheating on you if he changes his physical appearance. He would start buying new clothes. He would even change his hairstyle. A more obvious sign is that when your lazy man would begin going to the gym. All of these are because your man wants to look attractive to other women too.

He suddenly becomes short-tempered

He is short-tempered because of his guilt as a result of the infidelity. He would suddenly be bothered by petty things that wouldn’t normally be a big fuss with him. You will notice him becoming irritable and defensive especially when you ask him about his whereabouts. He would also accuse you of being insecure and possessive.

He would take calls privately

If your man is cheating, you will notice that he starts answering calls when you’re not in the room or he would excuse himself and leave the room before he answers it. Sometimes you would also notice something awkward about the way he answers calls when you’re around. If you think that your man is cheating then try to get access to his phone bills and look for calls that were often made or received. Another thing is he would start bringing his phone wherever he goes. He would never leave his phone in places where you might see it.

He begins to become broke all the time

Having many relationships at a time is expensive. Your man is cheating if he suddenly cannot afford to take you out to shopping like he used to. You will begin to wonder why he’s always broke even if you know he has never bought anything for the house or for you lately. Try to get access to his billing statements so you can check on the transactions that he has made.

Source by Tina L. Jones

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