Every coin has two sides and so does online dating. Here is a list of its advantages and disadvantages.

Online dating is the name of the game in today’s age and world. The youngsters of today are open to dating and the fact that they are net savvy and spend maximum time online, online dating has picked up! As every coin has two sides, online dating also has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on how a person uses this medium to meet people, friends and soul mate! There are many real life stories of finding true partners online and at the same time people have sad stories of horrible dates and experiences. Like everything else, a lot depends on destiny and luck but there is no harm in trying!

Some of the advantages of dating someone via the internet are:

• You definitely have more options online than the real world. How many people can you really meet in your real life? Compare it to people you can chat and interact via the web. This number is humongous and thus chances of bagging your perfect date or better still, a soul mate is high here

• In a country like India, where dating is still a taboo, finding dates online is a risk free and taboo free alternative

• Many a times, when you first meet a person in real life, awkwardness sets in and you do not know what to talk! But if you have met the person online and chatted with him/her, then the actual first real life date becomes smooth and interesting

• Many of us face social awkwardness and we feel shy to open up in real life. The internet gives you the platform to be yourself and to be honest

But, be careful – There are flip sides to online dating too:

• There are tonnes of online profiles but no real way to verify their authenticity

• It is easier to fool the other person and lie about yourself in order to appear “cool”

All said and done, physical appearance plays a good role in deciding your soul mate. Via the internet, pictures and videos can be photo shopped and forged

• In worst case scenarios, social bullying and abuse can take place

Whether it is an arranged marriage, college love, affair with a colleague or online dating, matters of the heart are destiny oriented. All you can do is try and be honest in relationships!

Source by Sanjana Arora

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