Overcome an Affair and the Mental Images in 3 Steps

Falling victim to the infidelity of your partner can one of the toughest things that a woman can endure. What makes this even worse is the perpetual images of their partner and his lover haunting them. Lets discuss a few ways in which you can overcome them and get back to your normal life.

The women who fall victim to this have never seen or do not know of the other woman, despite of this their mind is still flooded with her mental images. Though they do not understand what her husband was doing with her, but they constantly find that they cannot shut that image. Since you are reading this, you can relate to this.

If you think you are going crazy, you need to relax as this is not abnormal to go through this experience. Human mind often plays these movies and slides in heads because of many reasons to estimate the future outcomes, to make sense of the current events and how to deal with them. But please understand despite these being normal doesn’t make them healthy. 

The issue with these mental slides and images is that you respond have an emotional outburst every time even though they are not real. They keep reviving the pain and trauma that you went through. You keep reliving when you found about the affair.

This makes it hard to recover from this and rebuilding your life.

First lets talk about how you can get rid of these images. For that to happen, you need to make a few realisations..

  1. The images in your head are not real. Even if you caught them in the act, still what you are witnessing is not true. It is just your mind playing tricks on you.
  2. You are in charge of what goes in your brain. Don’t let someone else control your mind. 

Before we talk about the ways to stop them, you need to ask yourself one question… Do you really want them to stop? Wait what?… This question might seem out of place for a few people, but sometimes some women like to hold on to these images to justify the pain she is feeling from the affair. If you are in that category, you need to work on these issues before stepping further.

Once you are determined and ready to move ahead, these are the things you need to do to get rid of the mental images (you need a quiet place for this)

1. Relax Your Mind.

      Shut your eyes and take deep and slow breaths. Let your mind relax and unwind all the accumulated stress. Let the tension move out from your body each time you breathe out.

2. Start Watching that Image.

When you feel you are progressing, you need to bring that image to your mind. I know it sounds like counterproductive, but you need to face your fears. You need to experience it in as much detail as possible. Standing up to your fears is the first step towards your freedom.

3. Reshape the image.

Once you have experienced it in great detail, it’s time to alter the image. Just like a movie, you can play it in reverse, fast forward it and many other things. You need to keep doing it until you are at a point where you can blur it out.

Now just interrupt it in between, relax and open your eyes and see that effect it had on your emotions.

Then try to alter the objects in the images. You can try to change the size, shape and colour of things as per your imagination. 

Do it until it makes you feel better. You can add or remove the music. If there are people, you can change their looks and voices to something funny. Maybe see the image from a different perspective.

I know it all looks too stupid, but trust me these exercises are designed to attain two very important goals.

  1. They help you process and realize that these images are not real and are just figments of your imagination.
  2. They slowly help to reduce the emotional influence of these images on your mind. Most people discover creative ways of coping up with these thoughts.

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