1. Are you absolutely, positively, 100% over the last person you dated, your ex? If not or if there is even a question you may not be absolutely ready to date. Of course, you could give it a try, but do not be surprised if failure is the result.

2. Is dating the right thing for you to do at this point in your life? We all know that you are pushed to do this by one person or another (parents, friends, etc.) or society in general, but is it what YOU want?

3. The point you are at in your life, is it conducive to you having a good relationship or treating someone the right way? Being ready to date is about being ready for the right person at the right time and you will not find them if you are not in the right mood to treat them right.

4. If you have the slightest idea that you are emotionally unbalanced at this time, be it for unrelated reasons or not, then you should think hard about this decision. Dating can be fun, but it can also scar others if you do not have the right intention. Being ready to date is as much about them as it is about you.

5. Are you absolutely at a point in your life where you can be honest and completely truthful with the person that you are considering a relationship with? Being ready to date is being ready to possibly enter a relationship and that brings along with it some baggage. You better be ready to tell the truth if you are "ready to date".

6. If you are among the throngs of people in America (and across the world) that are incapable of dealing with rejection then you are NOT ready to date. It is nothing against you and does not make you a loser, but like it or not, you will be rejected by somebody, be ready.

7. What is your perspective in relation to dating in general? Are you ready to date to have someone to get physical affection from or are you ready to date to have a confidant? Make sure you are honest with yourself and others about your intentions.

8. Do everyone a favor and do not date until you are absolutely sure that you can be serious with somebody. People go overboard with emotion and violence on a regular basis because of dishonest and foolhardy people messing with others emotions.

9. Do not simply make sure that you are being honest with the other person you think you are ready to date, be honest with yourself. Are you dating to get affection or dating for something real? If you do not know what you want then how will you know when you've found it?

10. One steadfast and easy way to end a relationship in a hurry and ensure that you are not ready to date is to date with no confidence. Do not be confident to the point of arrogance, but understand that if you are constantly worrying if your look or personality is good enough … it will not be. Nobody wants to be with a pathetic drag, do not be that person, if you are that person then you are not ready to date!

Source by Alex Carter

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