Should You Confide in Someone About Your Cheating Spouse?

If you come to know of an affair your cheating spouse has had with someone, you may feel like talking about it to someone close to you. Being a victim of cheating in a relationship can be very painful and people who feel a pain often find that sharing their feelings with someone eases the pain. So, your urge to share your deep feelings of sorrow, anger and frustration with someone close to you is only natural.

But before you decide to share any information about your cheating spouse with anyone, you have to consider a few facts

1) You are in a weak emotional state:

Upset by the news about your spouse’s infidelity, you will be in the grip of intense emotions, most of them negative. You may be feeling hurt, shocked, disappointed, angry, sad, dejected and let down. Your thoughts and actions in this state may not be entirely rational. You may end up bringing more misery to yourself by doing something wrong in haste. Hence, it is better to wait till you cool down sufficiently before you can think of confiding in to someone dear to you.

2) Your spouse may come to know of this:

Your confiding in with someone may itself may not be bad. But if your spouse comes to know of this later, they will feel let down. This may cause strains in your relationship especially if you subsequently decide to forgive your cheating spouse and put the relationship back into normalcy.

3) You may receive advice that will not be good for you:

The person whom you are confiding in may give you some advice which may not be in your best interests. The advice may be well meaning, but it may not be appropriate for you. You may eventually decide to forgive your cheating spouse and brought things into harmony but the person you are confiding in may be advising you to break the relationship. It can also be the other way about.

4) You may be choosing an unreliable person:

The person you are confiding in may not be as trustworthy as you believe them to be and take advantage of your confiding in them by playing some games. When the spouse whom you loved and trusted has cheated you, another person whom you trust may also betray your confidence. Such a person can cause problems to your harmonious life for a long time to come.

5) You may be offending the dignity of your spouse:

Lastly, you have to think of your spouse. A cheating spouse is also entitled to some consideration. After all, you have been love with your spouse and they have also been loving you. The act of infidelity might have been an aberration and your spouse may be regretting their action and pondering how they could seek your forgiveness and get back to you. Any hasty action on your part by exposing their guilt to a third person will be offending their dignity and honor. You should avoid this at least till you find out what the feelings of your cheating spouse are.

Source by Parthasarathy Rengaswami

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