Sick of Being Lied To? 4 Foolproof Ways to Catch a Cheating Husband Or Wife

Signs of a cheating husband or wife are generally easy to pick up on when you have some guidelines as to what to look for. It’s frustrating to suspect deep down that your partner is having an affair, but to not have sufficient evidence to be sure or to prove it.

One of the harder things to do is to not confront your partner before you have done your own little investigation, as this will make him or her throw up barriers and take extra care to cover tracks, making your investigation harder.

1. Signs of a cheating husband or wife start with this: most people carry with them these days a cell phone. And all cell phones that I know of have a call history – including numbers dialed, incoming calls, and missed calls. You need to find an opportunity to grab your partners cell phone.

If this is easily accomplished – great (but don’t get caught). Find the call history section and see if the call logs are still there. If they are, and if you have time, note down the numbers etc.

If they are there and you don’t have time to note down the numbers, either keep the phone for half an hour and your partner may be frantic thinking he/she has lost the phone, and return it to under a piece of furniture later, or put it back and wait for an opportunity when you have more time. If the call logs are erased, this is very suspicious and not a good sign.

If you never ever get the opportunity to put your hands on your partners cell phone, this is not a good sign, nor is it a good sign if it is password protected and you do not know the password. Try asking your partner if you could have a look at his/her cell phone for a moment for (whatever reason – make one up). Another good or bad sign depending on the response you get.

2. Late night or closed door computing is another of the signs of a cheating husband or wife. When you are not around or awake to see, and if the browsing history is always deleted – it doesn’t look good. After all – why would anyone doing innocent things delete their browsing history?

3. Doing laundry your partner does not usually do would also be one of those signs of a cheating husband or wife. This may be because of marks left on clothes – whether it be makeup, perfume, aftershave etc. This also covers any evidence accidentally left in pockets.

4. Spending more and more time away from home can certainly be one of the signs of a cheating husband or wife. Usually they will want more of what they are getting on the side – the little bit they are getting is no longer enough, so they push for more.

Each of these signs individually are not a strong indication, however with a few of them combined, there would be reasonable cause for suspicion. The above mentioned signs of a cheating husband or wife are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more.

Source by Joslin Fletcher

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