Signs of a Cheating Husband – 10 Shockingly Simple Traits Most Wives Miss

Signs of a cheating husband show up in many different places. One of the most common ways you can detect if your husband is cheating is by looking out for changes in his day to day routine and behavior.

If your husband is having an affair it is quite likely that he will start acting differently. This is because we all settle into certain routines when things are regular and normal so it is only natural that if something changes in our lives then things get thrown off course and we start doing things differently. These changes in your husband's routine can be giveaway clues that he's seeing someone else but can be so easily missed.

Have you detected any of the following ?:

1. Has he become short tempered with you or the children?

2. Does he want to be out more now whereas before he was happy to be at home with you? Maybe he's suggested an extra night out per week with the boys. Or maybe he's taken up new interests that mean he has to be out more in the evenings and at weekends.

3. Does he stay up later a night? This may be so that he can phone or email 'her' once you've gone to bed or simply in the hope that you'll be asleep before he gets into bed.

4. Has he started undressing in the dark or behind a closed bathroom door? This could be so that you don't notice marks or scratches on his body.

5. Does he take the dog out for longer and more frequent walks?

6. Has he lost interest in things he used to be passionate about, say a particular sport or a particular hobby?

7. Have you noticed him being more knowledgeable about women's clothing, perfume or jewelry? If so he could be buying gifts for another woman.

8. Has he lost interest in jobs and projects around the house?

9. Has he started to take an interest in something that you know he was never previously bothered about?

10. Has he stopped leaving his clothes lying around or started doing any of his own laundry, maybe because there are revealing smells or marks on them?

These signs of a cheating husband to do with the way he acts may not mean anything in isolation, but if you notice a number of them happening you should take them as a warning sign that there's probably something going on.

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