Signs of a Cheating Husband?

Is he missing dinners and celebrations at home? Have you noticed your husband making more and more excuses to stay away from you and home? These and many more are the typical signs of a cheating husband. He may be doing things just behind your back and you will not know. Infidelity is a growing problem and one of the worst emotional crimes a person could do. Read on to find out signs of a cheating husband.

The signs of a cheating husband could be staring you in the face! Keep reading to find out if he shows any more of the signs.

Some husband hide the phone bills, credit card statements and other financial statements, when they come in the mail. Another sign is getting constant engaged tone when you ring him at work or on his way home from work. Please pay attention to every phone call he answers, is he whispering before saying its a wrong number? These are the signs of a cheating husband!

Maybe the dynamic between you and your husband has changed. Perhaps he used to leave you little love notes before going to work and call you in the middle of the day just to hear your voice. While this relationship won’t stay this way forever, what happens if you try something like this now? Is he pleasantly surprised or does he get angry and defensive?

Look for evidences related to a woman like perfume in hair and lipstick marks. Check his clothes, pockets and wallet. He may try to clean everything before coming home, so you have to be very careful.

Along with the signs of a cheating husband, you can also sometimes spot the signs of the other woman. When he comes home, you can smell her perfume, or just a different aroma around him. You can see a little trace of lipstick on his neck or on his collar. Some psychologists claim that this is because either subconsciously, he wants to get caught and have it all out in the open, or she is leaving little tell-tale clues around so that you can catch him out and she can have him to herself.

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