Signs of a Cheating Partner – Body Language Giveaways That Expose Infidelity

Cheating hurts! What’s even more hurtful is finding late in the game fact that you have been cheated on. All cheaters lie. Lying is part of the very nature of a cheater. So wouldn’t it make sense to find out all you can about lying and body language if you suspect your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating? Of course it would! Well there are certain movements or actions you can look for in your partners’ body language that will signal if they are lying through their teeth.

Here are a few pr oven mistakes your partner will make that will alert you to cheating:

  • Trouble maintaining eye contact. A Lot of liars cannot look you straight in the eye. Their eyes wander everywhere. If they are good at lying (and most repeat cheaters are), it may seem they are looking you in the eye when in fact; they are looking at your forehead. So even a good liar will often give themselves away by the eyes darting around and not looking you in your eyes. Is you honey having trouble looking you in the eye? A lot of blinking of the eyes can also be significant too.
  • The cheater is fidgety or nervous. He or she is not at ease or relaxed. Even with the slickest smooth talker in the world, if you look carefully at what they are doing more so than what they are saying, you will have important clues as to what is really going on inside them. It is hard to keep up the appearance of everything is fine if in fact that person has been cheating on you and is trying to cover it up with lies. You may think they are just in need of a message because of a rough day – maybe or maybe not! Could it be your partner is tense because they have something to hide? In most people, the body language will tell the true story.
  • Strange and unusual behaviors. Does your partner suddenly want to take a shower alone? Has to leave the room to make phone calls that are usually done in front of you? Is there a loss of appetite? When you ask, “what’s wrong?” does your partner become uneasy or restless? Perhaps their body language is trying to tell you all is not well in paradise.
  • Watch the hands. Very often what we do with our hands tells the story. Watch what your partner does with their hands at the same time you are listening to what they are saying. Are they fidgeting with their hands? Palms sweaty? All of these could be signs of dishonesty. One big sign to watch out for is if a person is talking and covers their mouth with their hands or starts rubbing their nose.

Dealing with cheating is not easy. It is a very emotional and personal issue. Not everyone handles it well. If your spouse is cheating, you will have many things to consider before choosing a plan of actions. You have to learn to see the entire forest and not just the trees by reading the undeniable signals our bodies give off.

If you suspect an unfaithful boyfriend or girlfriend, you can learn to make better choices for your future relationships.

Source by BJ Moorer

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