Signs of a Cheating Spouse – The Cheating Checklist

So you think you’re seeing the signs of a cheating spouse in your own partner but you’re still not so sure about it. Perhaps, you’ve seen them do casual flirts but it may just be a part of your paranoid imaginings. Unless you’ve been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia or you’re just thoroughly distrustful since you were a kid, then there’s a good chance that your spouse may really be doing some wayward things behind your back if they’re giving you a reason to become suspicious.

Frankly, I’ve been in the same shoes that you’re currently in. And if you’re not even yet sure but you’re already feeling horrible then just imagine how I felt when I realized the infidelities I’ve been suffering for 2 years before my first husband and I got divorced.

The signs of a cheating spouse that I’ll be mentioning below may not always apply to your partner but you’ll notice some resemblance from these acts. I have enumerated a set of questions that you may want to go through before you start accusing your husband/wife of cheating. Count how many ‘yes’ and ‘no’ you have.

Have you noticed how your spouse seems hesitant in displaying affections both in public and in private?

Does he/she talks to you in sarcastic retorts even when he/she isn’t naturally sarcastic? Or if he/she is really just sarcastic, have you notice them talking more harshly when they give you their sarcastic feedbacks? Are you no longer finding humor out of their sarcasm?

Is your husband/wife often at the gym now? Have they exhibit increasing efforts in looking attractive or looking good?

Have you received phone calls where the other line either hangs up or doesn’t answer? Are they frequent? Is your husband/wife usually glued on the phone and wants some privacy while talking to someone on the phone? Have they occasionally whispered on the phone? Does he/she have a certain number with a blocked caller ID?

Are you seeing extra charges on your phone bills like long-distance calls? Have you get credit card receipts from things you never purchased or from gifts you never received?

Has he/she started working even on the weekends? Or has increased their frequency of “over-times” or out-of-town business trips? Does s/he stay out of the house longer? Are they always out with their “friends”?

Have they developed an access code for their computers and mobile phones? Or have they changed the password?

Do they come home with a scent you’re not familiar with? Does you wife smell like cigarettes when you know she doesn’t smoke? Or does your husband strangely smell of lavender or strawberries and the likes?

If you answered mostly yes, you may want to start digging up solid proof. Otherwise, you may subject your spouse to further observation or simply roll out the possibility of infidelity.

Source by Sandy Lenhart

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