Signs of Cheating in Long Distance Relationships

Communication is especially crucial when the two halves of a relationship are a long distance from each other. If suspicions of cheating arise, one can feel very helpless and confused. But fear not! There are still plenty of ways to detect cheating in long distance relationships.

Firstly, how well do you know your partner's friends? Have you met them while visiting or spoken to each other on the phone? If not, your partner may be hiding you from another lover.

You may not be able to check their texts messages and phone records, so track their online presence! Assuming your partner has a social network account of some kind, see who they're making suspicious comments to and check those people out. You may need to dig deep, but you may find a secret blog or profile that your partner never notified you about.

When you talk to your partner, pay close attention to their mood and words used. Does anything sound exaggerated? Like, "hanging out with so and so was incredibly boring today,". Check this so and so's profile. Did they leave a comment on your partner's page saying what a great time they had? These inconsistencies are serious indications of cheating in long distance relationships.

Cheating in long distance relationships may seem easier to get away with, but the basics of maintaining a relationship are still being disturbed. Breaking plans and promises to see each other are huge red flags, as are not answering phone calls, and avoid communication in general.

Source by Angela Payne

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