Signs That Your Spouse is NOT Cheating

What are the signs? Is your spouse cheating or not? Any unusual behavior can be misconstrued as a “sign” of a cheater. Granted, there are some spouses that are more prone to cheating than others and the signs are surely appropriate, but some spouses simply don’t cheat. Understand that when we look for signs of a cheater, we’ll surely find them, but suppose that our spouse isn’t cheating?

For this article, I’m going to use the supposed signs of a cheating spouse to show how easy we can become swayed into believing something that may or may not be a fact. Is your spouse cheating or does it just seem like they are cheating?

Signs That Your Husband Is NOT Cheating On You

1. He Stays Out Late

He stays out late working overtime at his job because he has to work harder, longer hours for all the new clothes, furniture, cars, boats, houses, and other stuff you’re both buying for the house and for entertainment. Or perhaps he stays out late with his buddies, which doesn’t necessarily mean he is cheating or even looking to cheat. When in doubt, simply ask him. If he says he’s not cheating, than give him the benefit of the doubt.

2. Strange Numbers On His Cell Phone

He has unfamiliar numbers on his cell phone because he has a lot of contacts for his job. Just because your husband has strange numbers that you aren’t familiar with on his cell phone certainly does not mean he is cheating on you. The best thing you can do is to ask him straight out who the numbers belong to, or call the numbers yourself. Be careful though, a woman may answer and you may take it to mean something other than innocent.

3. Begins To Dress Better

Instead of wearing his usual khakis or sweats when he goes out, he now wears more formal attire and makes sure his hair is combed and he’s clean shaven. He begins to dress better because he has taken more pride in himself since he married his lovely wife. He wants to look good for his wife and family – nothing wrong with that is there?

4. You Asked Him If He Was Cheating

You asked him if he was cheating and he said that he wasn’t cheating. Are you having a difficult time believing him? What for? Sometimes we want to believe something so bad that we find reasons to believe it. If we keep bombarding our mind with the signs of a cheater we begin to actually believe that our husband is cheating. Its strange how the mind works, but its true.

– Signs That Your Wife Is NOT Cheating On You –

1. Clicks Away From Website When You Walk In The Room

She quickly gets rid of the website she was looking at when you walk in the room because she does not want you to know that she is looking at YOUR history files to see what you have been looking at. She was checking up on you. Why do you think your wife needs to do that? What have you been doing?

2. Dresses Nice For Others

Women love clothes and love to dress nice when going out. Here is a secret you may not already know. Most women aren’t dressing for other men they dress for themselves so they’ll feel good about who they are. It’s hard for a man to understand that but it’s the way it is, so let her be. Just because your wife wears sweats at home and dresses pretty when she goes to work or goes out certainly does not mean she is having an affair. Let your wife dress nice and look good when she goes out, don’t rob her of her femininity.

3. Spends Too Much Time At The Gym

Because she spends so much time at the gym you begin to feel that she met another guy at the gym? Is she seeing someone else? No, she did not meet another guy at the gym. She wants to get into shape for you. She is spending more and more time at the gym because she is noticing the great results it is producing. Why don’t you go to the gym with her and let all the single guys see that she is taken for.

4. You Asked Her If She Was Cheating

You asked her if she was cheating and she told you that she wasn’t. Are you having a difficult time believing her? What for? Usually when we feel suspicious and or jealous it is because we don’t trust ourselves. It’s weird how what we don’t like about ourselves, we’ll see in the person we married. For your own well being you need to trust your wife and stop finding reasons to mistrust her.

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