Sixth Sense And Your Cheating Husband

Once you get a sixth sense of husband cheating, it can be difficult to shake it off. But using that strong feeling as a reason to question him is the common judgment error most women make.

Far too often women suspecting their husband of infidelity get immediately overwhelmed by, the almost instant feelings of betrayal, and want to confront their husband. This is the biggest mistake you can make, if what you are after is getting the truth out in the open.

While I understand your need to find out the truth about your husband, it almost always works against you. Although your gut instinct of an unfaithful husband turns your suspicion radars on, it is not sufficient for any type of confrontation.

There are two reasons why should not act on your suspicions, based on your gut instinct alone.

Firstly, you might just be wrong. If your husband is displaying unusual or erratic behavior, it may certainly be cause for concern, but is not remotely conclusive of him having an affair. He may have several other reasons for why he’s behaving differently, and yes, one of them could be as a result of problems with your relationship, but it does not necessarily mean he is cheating.

Accusing him of having an extra-marital affair based on a hunch, can poison the trust in a relationship which may not have been bad to begin with.

The second and most important reason you should not confront him based on your sixth sense is, without any solid proof of an affair all you end up achieving is alerting him of your suspicions, and nothing else. Without having real evidence, as hard as it might be to accept, you will now have alerted him to cover his tracks better.

If you do this, you would have just made knowing the truth about his possible affair even more elusive. And to make matters worse, he will commonly display and angry denial and put you on the spot pointing out your lack of trust and how upsetting it is. Making you feel guilty is one of the clever ways he will divert the focus off his cheating ways.

Making you feel bad about your confronting or questioning him, accomplishes two things for the cheating husband. For starters he blows of the real issue, by making it more about you instead of the shocking secret of his affair. And furthermore, a “proof-less” accusation will prevent you from bringing up the subject, a clever way to scare you into submission about anything related to the topic.

There is a saying that – it’s not what you know, but what you can prove. Well, when you suspect your spouse of cheating the same holds true.

Source by Tim Denio

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