Five Do’s

1. Do compliment my appearance

Tell me I look nice, pretty etc. But don ‘t be overzealous and tell me that I’d look hot after a 2-hour sex session during our first date. By doing that you are assuming too much and too early.

2. Do Be respectful

Referring to your mother or your ex-girlfriend as a b****h or a s**t doesn’t make me want to sleep with you. Keep your past behind you.

3. Do watch your alcohol intake

Like the Jimmy Buffet song, I like to get drunk and screw, but not all girls are like me. No girl wants to go home with a man that’s too drunk to perform. It’s a major turnoff. A good rule of thumb is to drink the same amount as she does. If she’s getting slammed, join the party. If she’s only having one or 2, that’s your cue to slow down.

4. Do put the cigarettes away if she doesn’t smoke

I don’t smoke so I hate when my date does. If you smoke and can’t subside your habit for the duration of our date, buy some nicorette gum and chew the night away. I and other women I know who don’t smoke hate kissing a guy who tastes like an ashtray! Remember if I don’t want your tongue inside me, you are not going to get any other body parts in me either ; )

5. Do ooze a sexy smell

Nothing turns me on more than a man wearing a splash of my favorite cologne. Not too much. A dab on the neck and the wrists is enough for me. If designer cologne is out of your price range check out for a deal or buy the generic!

5 Do nots!

1. Do not be attached to your cell phone

I don’t want to see you texting your psycho ex-girlfriend or taking calls from your bar buddies to see if you scored yet. First of all, it is rude. Second of all, it bored me. Playing with your cell phone all night tells me that you’d rather be playing with electronics instead of playing with me.

2. Do not dress like a slob

Women love a man who dresses well. Good fashion equals good sex.. You don’t need to spend a fortune. If you lack proper date wear, check out eBay and grab yourself some hot date wear.

3. Do not ignore my body language

90% of communication is non-verbal. Watch for my signs. If I am not looking at you while you speak, I probably don’t think this date is going to well, but if i am twirling my hair, you may have a chance to run your fingers through it later.

4. Do not ignore me

Chivalry is not dead. I love a man who holds the door for me and pulls out my chair. It shows that he treats his ladies with respect. Most girls love attention. Look into my eyes and ask me questions that stimulate good conversation. I love a man who speaks with intelligence. Intelligence is one of my biggest turn ons.

5. Do not be a Drag

I don’t want to go on another date let alone sleep with a man who is not fun. Be funny and confident. A gloomy gus is not going to get laid. A man that can enjoy himself on the date knows how to enjoy me later!

Source by Mandie Sundae

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