What Do Guys Want to Know From Your Dating Profile?

Online dating game is getting harder every day. With more and more people joining it every day, it’s more difficult than ever to find good people easily. You need to elevate your game if you wish to succeed.

You need to be yourself and present it in the most creative way possible. Put out your honest personality, and what you want out of this experience.

So what is it that most men are looking for in a dating profile?

You may not know, but getting professional shoots and write-ups for dating profiles is a proper service now. People opt for it to get attract the right people to your profile.


They are the first thing visitors notice about your profile. It is advisable not to use too many filters. You need to avoid photos with other people. Try to show your interests and hobbies on your profile enjoy hiking, rafting, etc.


Sum up your life and interests in your intro. Add things that make you unique. Men most often message you based on shared interests.


Men prefer women with a healthy lifestyle. It is seen. If you mention the word CrossFit,  your chances of getting a reply are much higher. If you show that you are serious about health, you have great chances to meet up a guy who feels the same.


It’s common that people lie about their age and other stuff on their dating profile. Such things make the other person lose interest instantly. It’s a humble request that please be honest about your dating profile.If. you lie on your dating profile; you are building a relation on a lie and it will definitely not last.

Common Interests?

This gets most people excited about your profile. Tell us more about what you love. Do you like to go out in the rain, chase storms, go on solo treks, Love rock-and-roll and some other thing that defined who you are. You know, being from the same hometown can also be a shared interest..


Do you like Star Wars? Well, put it in your profile. You need to put the things you want to see in other people.

It’s a bad idea to put false information in your profile, that only brings you a bad experience.  You will appear shallow if the other person finds out that you lied in your profile.

It’s always a bad idea to oversell yourself In your profile. You need to provide just enough information to get the other person excited. 

You can talk the rest when you have your first coffee.

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